Wednesday, 29 July 2015


GOTNI’s president, Linus Okorie have been inundated with phone calls and social media messages concerning the news “Buhari taking credit for Jonathan’s achievements” made originally by Hon. Linus Abba Okorie, a House of Representative member who represents Ohazara/Onicha/Ivo federal constituency of Ebonyi state published by Premium Times today. This same news is attributed to Linus Okorie, of GOTNI via picture credit by Point Blank News as reported by Jackson Ude.

Point blank news publishing this news with the picture of Linus Okorie, Founder of Guardians of the Nation International and not that of the House of Representative calls for serious concern. Linus Okorie has been committed to grooming the next generation of leaders through his 21-year old leadership development cause. He is not in any way an Honourable member or ever been in any political position.

Linus Okorie, whose picture appears in the news did not make any such statements and dissociates from the publication by Point blank news today, July 29, 2015 .

Linus Okorie
By GOTNI, Corporate Communications/Media Relations

The League of African Development Students (LEADS Africa) Awards Africa's Patriotic Personality Award on Linus Okorie

The League of Africa Development Students (LEADS), the umbrella body for all democratic Students Unions in Africa confers on Linus Okorie the LEADS -Africa's Patriotic Personality Award. The ceremony took place on  on Friday, July 17, 2015 in Abuja.

They applauded him as an erudite and proven authority in Africa's Leadership Development space per excellence, relentless Apostle of Africa's Quest for Youth Development of International Repute, Managing Consultant of the New Vision Consults and a distinguished Corporate Business Leader and a renown veteran Students' Union,  Associate member of the International Third World Leadership Association - Bahamas, Faculty member of the Pan-African University, a cerebral commenter of topical issues of national and global importance on live events and via various media platforms and an outstanding Nation Builder per excellence!

Linus Okorie joins the likes of Colonel Sani Bello,  Dr. Christopher Kolade, Prof. Clement K. Dzidonu, Hon. Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, Mr. Atedo N.A Peterside, Prof. E.E Ehile, H.E Prince Bola Ajibola and Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe, to become a recipient.

The activities of the LEADS is sure commendable and open for support as being a formidable student union body across Africa.

An award well deserved!
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Thursday, 23 July 2015


The leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, “Wrong jungle! – Steven R. Covey

Wise people have always known how to study the seasons and make necessary plans either for sowing or harvest. Many have argued that the challenge most African countries face is that of Leadership, without any argument, it has become obvious that the ills we experience are symptoms of leadership challenge. 

To take a cue from leaders who could foresee and plan for their citizens, would give insight into how leaders of today should plan for their future. Ancient history has the story of a king in Egypt – Pharaoh, who had a strange dream, which was eventually interpreted by one Joseph to be seven years of plenty and following is another seven years of famine. Joseph was eventually going to create a plan, not to avert the aforementioned period of draught but to manage and cater for a country whose citizens as at then were acclaimed to be the second of the two great civilizations in existence. 

Geographically, Egypt is mostly desert except for the Nile River. The Nile is the greatest river in the world, and if it didn’t flow through Egypt the country would be just sand. In ancient times only 3% of Egypt was inhabitable, arable land. Question here is how would 3% arable land be harnessed to cater for this nation for 7 years of famine? Here is how Joseph, who eventually became second-in-command in the entire realm, mapped out a strategy to ensure storage of grains for the period of plenty to provide relief when the great famine came. He advised that the fifth part of all the grain harvests stored for the next seven years, so that when the famine struck, Egypt would have food sufficient to sustain itself.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

GOTNI Opens Registration and Online Payment Portal for Emerging Leaders Conference 2015

The Emerging Leaders Conference ‪#‎ELC2015‬ is here! Registration portal is now open and Yes, you can register and pay online when you click  HERE

Emerging Leaders Conference 2015 is a gathering of 3000 young Nigerians under 40 who will contribute to RETHINKING NIGERIA and showing her leadership possibilities across all sectors of the economy. 

Early Bird registration cost for #ELC2015 is Ten Thousand Naira only (N10, 000) and lasts till July 31.
Normal conference fee will take effect from August 1, 2015 and costs Fifteen Thousand Naira only (15, 000).
The news broke here first for your own benefit. Grab your early bird offer now and share with your friends too.
Participants are expected from the 36 states of Nigeria and of course the FCT too, which is the host city.
Emerging Leaders Conference holds on Sept. 11-12 at The International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Friday, 19 June 2015


In 2014, Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) rated Nigeria as 136 corrupt country in the world.

Nigeria has experienced infrastructure deficit, political instability, cash crunch and other contributing factors that has kept us in the league of third world nations. Despite our environmental factors, Nigeria’s perceived way out of its challenge is its willingness to embrace good governance. A large number of Nigeria’s population have indicated that if we get our leadership obligation right, we would rid corruption to a minimum. There is no doubt that a lot of awareness has been done by civil societies and non-profits, however, most of them lack the structure to accommodate aspiring leaders, groom them as well as direct their paths into the political fabric that embodies the leadership of our nation, their structure ends in simulation and not in the field of play. You realize that beyond these challenges, that leaders are able to transcend, however, there are competencies they need to develop to fire up their influence and acceptability by the citizenry, which endorses their role.

3 things every leader should know
  1. Leadership style should transcend culture
Culture in this context is not necessarily ethnicity; it is nepotism, disregard for merit, and low esteem for hard work and diligence. A leader’s style is who he is, with principles based on personality ethics of standards that has stood the test of time. These values are embedded in our habits and ultimately become the destiny of our nation. If we commit to create and internalize accommodative styles of nurturing global networks, appraise processes and systems to expose what works, and eventually implement results of what works to collectively engage our community of citizens, this is of utmost a style that absorbs value and excellence and not people by bias.

Friday, 12 June 2015

GOTNI Announces Emerging Leaders Conference 2015

GOTNI announces Emerging Leaders Conference 2015, with the theme RETHINKING NIGERIA: LEADERSHIP FOR POSSIBILITIES. This conference is held annually and have had speakers like Prof. John Adair, George Fraser, Myles Munroe, Genevieve Nnaji, Prof. Jerry Gana, Dayo Israel, Joshua Awesome, Blossom Nnodim amongst many world influencers in previous years.

The conference, which will hold on the 11th and 12th September 2013, at the International Conference Centre, will host over 3000 emerging young leaders this year, from among those making a difference in their communities, establishments, organization and states.
The gathering of these young leaders is aimed at setting an agenda for Nigeria as they contribute to the policies as their own governance roles as citizens. 

GOTNI Appoints a 40-Man Team: Begins 4-weeks Leadership Development Training

In a new move for the sustainability of GOTNI programs and mandate, and expansion move to the Leadership centre in Abuja, a 40-man team have been appointed. This appointment which came on the heels of the movement of the GOTNI headquarters office to a new location at 4 Oyi River crescent, off IBB way Maitama in Abuja was to equip 40 GOTNI volunteers who will be representing the cause for Leadership Development across Nigeria and the world.
A 4-weeks training began on Monday, June 8, 2015 at the Leadership Centre to introduce the vision and the modalities of operations to the team as GOTNI embarks on  a large scale reach out to schools, communities, target-groups, people-groups, organisations and government. The Leadership Centre will also roll out the Leadership certificate programs which will provide capacity for legislators, people, and target groups across Africa soon.

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