Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Strategy, Social Media and Leadership Development: Video from Leaders Forum

The Monday GOTNI Leaders Forum themed Strategy, Social Media and Leadership Development was very impactful. Watch our two facilitators, Lisa L. Flowers and Mr. Muhammed Babandede MFR and learn a few things.

Do let us know what you learnt. Cheers

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Strategy, Social Media and Leadership Development with Lisa L. Flowers, Muhammed Babandede, Linus Okorie at GOTNI Leaders Forum

It was a special GOTNI Leaders Forum yesterday, Mon. Feb 23 when  two professionals trained participants. With the theme "Strategy, Social Media and Leadership development", there was a Social Media strategy session, facilitated by American Social Media coach Lisa L. Flowers and there was a leadership strategy session handled by DCG, Operations and passports, Mr. Muhammed Babandede MFR. 

The sessions xrayed why any project must be done with a goal and target at heart amongst the fact that creative thinking and communication must go hand-in-hand. President of GOTNI, Linus Okorie was also at hand to state that Nigerian youth hold the key to a developed Nigerian and must decide to lead in their daily endeavours and interactions intentionally. So many participants who spoke  to a GOTNI reporter as well as AIT reporter who interviewed them, explained their willingness to put to work tips imbibed. 
Reacting to the question "Since everyone knows how to use the Social networking sites, why do we need a Social Media strategist"?, Flowers answered by saying "if we all can drive our cars, why do we need auto mecahnics"...This and more were great fall outs of the extremely exciting Leaders Forum session that will be talked about for several months ahead and influence lasting a long time.
Participants left knowing that Social media is a tool to be deployed meaningfully and positively as much as knowing that success in life is planned and not accidental.

Friday, 20 February 2015

South Africa set to Collaborate with GOTNI for Africa Leadership Conference

The Africa Leadership Conference which is set to reach out to Africans and Nigerians in diaspora as they get involved in the cause for building outstanding leaders is the newest GOTNI brand. This brand will hold conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, UAE and Africa. South Africa is the location to host Africa and the government through the South African Embassy has given a nod at the willingness to help make the event a success before the end of 2015.

Speaking during a Courtesy visit by the Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) delegation to the High commission in Abuja, Ambassador Lulu Louis Mnguni said South Africa which already has leadership grooming institutions will be glad to collaborate to make the objectives of this Africa-wide conference a reality.

The apartheid experience, as well as the freedom fight accounts of Nelson Mandela amongst others sure places South Africa at the natural disposition to host a confernece that will bring a revolution to the leadership terrain in Africa.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pictures from Leaders Forum Abuja

Leaders Forum Abuja on February 16: Photos Speak

GOTNI Leaders Forum February 16th in Abuja: Photos Speak

The Leaders Forum Abuja held yesterday, February 16, 2015 at GOTNI office complex. The inspiring session featured Networking session, SMILE campaign presentation, Video discussion session on " A Leader as a Mobilizer" and questions were tackled. The main teaching for the day was inspired by Desiderious Erasmus who lived in the 14th century, titled "The Art of Peace" and  Linus Okorie taught the topic impactfully.
Watch out for the video of this teaching on and follow us on Facebook and Twitter via (@gotning).

See pictures below

Monday, 16 February 2015

GOTNI Releases Disclaimer on Omololu Omotosho Facebook Photo claim

Our attention has been drawn to a post by Omololu Omotosho on February 8th, 2015 alleging that President Goodluck Jonathan sent GOTNI president, Linus Okorie to him in Texas. His words exactly were:

"I would rather not do this. But there is nothing wrong in setting the record straight. This is the gentleman, Linus Okorie, that President Goodluck Jonathan sent to meet with me here in Texas. Mr. Okorie came from Nigeria and lives there. It is God that has the power. I get nasty messages in my inbox from Nigerians living in Nigeria. It is time for me to change the settings on my Facebook pertaining to who can send me messages. What they do not know is that the more they attack me, the more I wanna fight......I fight with my pen and pad obviously. I have met with them twice: My first meeting with President Jonathan's people was in 2013. At that time they refused a picture when I asked for one. Some people think I am stupid. But I am not..... I may be looking at you like I don't know what is going on.....but I am not stupid. I just let you do you........."
However, we want to state categorically that the young man Omololu Omotosho took the attached photo with Linus Okorie when he visited Linus Okorie in Houston during one of Linus’ official trips by Guardians Of The Nation International (GOTNI) in August 2014.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Nigerian Youths Stand Up to Stop Mediocrity In Leadership: GOTNI Launches SMILE

Nigeria over the years has encountered the malaise of poor leadership and a weak democratic state. Rather than citizens’ vote count, the Nigerian society has experienced corruption, forgery, victimization and in extreme cases, murder of innocent citizens in her electoral process. After the 2011 elections rated as by the International community as relatively free and fair, was marred by several deaths of some electoral officers (mainly Youth Corps members), the situation have rendered many Nigerians (especially young Nigerians) hopeless in believing their votes will count in the recent 2015 election which has been at the crux of the present tension.

It is on this basis, that the SMILE campaign was initiated in 2011 and finally unveiled on February 2, 2015. The Social Media Advocacy begins from February 3 to March 30th, 2015 in two phases- The awareness phase 'I AM #Ready2SMILE' which holds from Feb. 3-13th and the Opinion phase #SMILE and 'Opinion'  from Feb. 14 -March 30th, 2015.

This Stop Mediocrity in leadership (SMILE) campaign was unveiled during the Brand awareness session of the GOTNI Leaders Forum,  on Monday, February 2, 2015 at Reiz Continental Hotel Abuja.