Friday, 27 March 2015

VIDEO: Vote Like a Leader - Linus Okorie

As ‪#‎NigeriaDecides‬ tomorrow and on April 11, there is a way you as a leader must ensure our nation feels your vote.
Conduct, Speech and Love for nation is at the centre of my thoughts as I exalt my compatriots: NYSC members, Adhoc staff, Security officials, Observers, delegates, Voters, Candidates and all Nigerians to act to make our world proud while we secure a more developed Nigeria through our vote.
As all eyes are on Nigeria, you need to watch this VIDEO- VOTE LIKE A LEADER to get the whole scoop.
Thank you for your support and for always loving Nigeria and contributing to her greatness. ‪#‎NigeriaWins‬ ‪#‎NigeriaDecided‬ ‪#‎GOTNImentors‬‪#‎LinusOkorie‬ - Linus Okorie FAB

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Leaders Forum Episode 9: 7 Functions of a Strategic Leaders- Pictures Speak

Yesterday, was another impactful episode of the GOTNI Leaders Forum as Linus Okorie, President, GOTNI taught participants on the "7 functions of a strategic leader". 

The teaching and sharing session x-rayed the fact that every leader must be intentional, netowork, build relationship and leverage on contact made to progress. A video recap of the last session was made available and you get access it wt and follow us via twitter and Facebook using @gotning.

The Leaders Forum yesterday was not streamed live on twitter due to a technical challenge but you are sure to have it next week Monday. Keep learning and becoming the next generation of impactful leaders in Nigeria and Africa.

Video of the session will be here tomorrow, but below are colours, sights and personalities at the event. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Leaders Forum Episode 8: Behaviours of Leadership + Photos

The Monday, March 16th 2015 Leaders Forum was superlative; the networking session, the Leadership Clinic video titled "How to help the poor around you as a Leader". The Mission2School brand as well as the GOTNI Experience video featuring Mr. Somto Mbelu were also shown.

The main teaching was on "Behaviours of a Leader" and was handled by Mr. Linus Okorie. Some of the behavioural highlights were calmness, love learning, speaks hope, seeks justice, love wisdom amongst others. Here are photos that tell; 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Women as Leaders: Pictures from GOTNI Leaders Forum Episode 7

It was a pink themed day at the Leaders Forum for March, 9th, 2015 that marked the celebration of women in line with the International Women Day all over the world. We took time to acknowledge that women are STRENGTH IN VELVET GLOVE as GOTNI celebrates "Women as Leaders".

The evening started with warm music that inspired Nigeria's beauty from contribution from women as the Compere, Nike Aloba took the stage and in her skillful manner made all participants understand the mood of the day.

The first plenary session about the International Women's day was presented by Nkiru Linus-Okorie, as she opened up on the reason for the celebration and this session dovetailed into the panel discussion session.

The discussion centred around : Why men frown at women participating in politics, If women make better leaders than men?, How men can support women participation in leadership and politics amongst others.


 It was a heated and very educative session as panelists identified a number of factors drawing from the questions and all other participant also shared their opinions. In all, young people showed enthusiasm at the concept of women in leadership and more men were receptive and showed support to women in politics.

Women participants were also charged not to play second fiddle but find their uniqueness while men were encouraged to support women and not restrict them. 

Members were dressed with a touch of pink to mark this special day that celebrates the contribution of women to humanity especially in Nigeria.

Mr. Linus Okorie took time in closing to appreciate his wife and inspired other young leaders to ensure they appreciate the women in their lives, wives, mothers, sisters etc.

It was heart warming to also watch a 2 minutes video clip that had 8 men gives shout outs to women.

In all, the message rang through - that women are the soul and strength of any society and must be appreciated and allowed to be who they are made to be.

Compere: 'Nike Aloba

Nkiru Linus-Okorie

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

GOTNI Leaders Forum Abuja: Episode 6 in Pictures

The GOTNI Leaders Forum held on Monday, March 2, 2015 and the trainer was Mr. Linus Okorie. The thoughts were centred around the topic "Inspiring Visionary Leadership in Africa" which x-rayed the limitation of leadership in Africa, and shows ways a young Africa leader must act to make impact and move the continent forward. 

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