Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Finding Reality: The Journey through Fundamentalist Christianity, Schizophrenia, and Self-Actualization - Stephen Mufutau Awoyemi

I remember vaguely that she was lying on the bed reading a book with many pages. She seemed to be concentrating. I asked her, “Aunty what is this book you are reading”? She replied “the Bible”. “What is the Bible”? I asked. It is “God’s word” she responded. I must have been 8 or 9 years old at the time. That was my first conscious encounter with religion. 

All previous encounters had been passive, unconscious, and insignificant. I took personal interest in this Bible and began to read it. I was deeply fascinated as I found a new transcendent consciousness which I never really experienced before. However, I was soon to abandon this new found interest being a child. I picked it up again at the age of 12 when my foster parents began to couple their attendance at an orthodox church (Catholic) with a Pentecostal church. A new wave of Pentecostalism was sweeping Nigeria, gaining a critical mass since the late 1970s through the early 1980s. In the year 1989, I became a born again Christian, a brand of Christianity that grew in power and numbers like wild fire in the dry season in Nigeria. Having a simple and sincere disposition I followed the teachings of this religion.

 When I attained puberty I struggled with sexual desire, feelings of guilt, and self-repression. My impression was that the human was vile and corruptible, as was reinforced by repeated sermons. I pursued morality without a basic awareness of what is, but to please God in order to get a reward, which was immediate blessings and ultimately heaven, and to avoid punishments or curses, with the worst being eternal damnation in hell. As I began to grow older, approaching adolescence, I sought for my own personal experience of the stories I read about in the Bible. Miracles of the age to come, the supernatural, and eschatology became obsessions. I knew that I had no experiential knowledge of these things. I wanted evidence to validate my dogmatic reality--a reality that was capricious and based on only what I had read and heard from humans like myself. I had to. I had no alternative. It was the only worldview I had and it was becoming unstable and troubled with doubt. But how could I doubt it? How dare I reject my worldview? Instead, I looked for evidence to support and reinforce it more. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Channels Television's Chairman in a photo with Linus Okorie; Talks Collaboration for Emerging Leaders Conference 2015

Over the last weekend, our president in a meeting with the Chairman of Channels Television, sealed the partnership deal to bring this year's Emerging Leaders Conference to millions of Nigerians.

The conference is slated for November, 6-7, 2015.
This year, 3000 young emerging leaders from all states of Nigeria and across all sectors of the economy will be attending.
Our president, Linus Okorie used the opportunity to thank Mr. John Momoh, for inspiring and grooming young leaders of which he is one especially for consistently providing platforms for young people to express themselves and achieve their goals.

Do not miss out, if you are one.
Our conference new website is at and in a few days, you can register for the conference there.
Get ready!!!

Friday, 14 August 2015

GOTNI launches weekly buzz videos - This Week at GOTNI, Episode 1-3

We started bringing you scoops from our daily leadership activities from GOTNI, while also intimating you and keeping you abreast of trends. Today, we published the 3rd episode but have compiled the 3 part video for 3 weeks to you.

Watch them all: Today's episode
Last week's episode
and the very first week's episode is here

Do watch and let us know what you think, at the comments section. To reach us via email, Have a beautiful weekend!


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